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A few of our Bible study partners who gathered in East Tennessee for a three-day “Live Event” (October 2014)

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If you choose the Greek Text classes on the right, you also get access to the English text classes on the left.
English Text Only:
Study the English Bible and get more from it. This “live” group is warm and accepting, and it is focused on high-quality Bible study.
Greek Text & Translation Project:
Study the Greek NT (and OT) and improve your Greek ability. If you don’t know Greek, we teach you. If you have studied Greek, we put you on a team of Greek translators. A very special group.


Coming April 2016—Walk with . . . talk with . . . and have coffee with Paul. Click picture for full screen view

What We Do

As a not-for-profit* world-wide Bible study group, we provide both free and affordable quality Bible study experiences.

  1. We teach live online Bible classes for women and men from all backgrounds.
  2. We have occasional live Bible study events in various parts of the country.
  3. We offer unique travel opportunities.
    —Coming up . . .Greece in April 2016!   . . .  (More on this soon.)
  4. We offer study materials for both private study and small groups:

    1. Free materials for private or small groups:  3MinuteBible.COM  These videos are 3 minutes long and guide you into reading the New Testament.  They are free and available right now.  Enjoy!
    2. Affordable materials for private or small groups.

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What is “Conversational” Bible Study

Bible_StudyConversational Bible Study is reading biblical documents as if over coffee with the authors.  We focus on biblical texts and teach the ABC’s of dealing contextually with those texts.

We have a lively group from many backgrounds and interests.  We relate 2000 year old texts to where we live now by focusing on context both then and now.  We encourage a patient and careful reading of texts that is both respectful to ancient texts and helpful to current needs.

We are Christians, but are not associated with any particular church.  We are attempting to serve Christians at large in any and all churches.  See our statement of faith for more information.

Our current focus is on the letter of 1Corinthians.


What Our Bible Study Partners Are Saying!

Here is what a few of our Bible Study partners have spontaneously said to each other about our study groups.
We did not solicit these statements as testimonials!___


Twila2This Inner Circle is a safe place to think outside the box and offer up ideas on scripture that other “God-taught” people will consider and challenge with scripture. When I try to read scripture with ‘fresh’ eyes, not reading into it what I’ve always been taught or have always thought, I sometimes get fresh ideas – some more contextual than others. Thinking through that idea on my own can get me off track. That is why the conversational part of this responsible, contextual bible study is so vital. We need each other as we pursue a holy life. Thank you one and all for being that safe place!



LeeI’ve been catching up today. My problem is that your material draws me in and I find I could easily spend 4 hours chewing on what you offer for each day. Level 1 and 2 are just teasers for 3 and I hate it when I can’t immerse myself in the third level. I can do it quicker but go away feeling like I only ate half of what was on my plate. I don’t say this to critique your material but to compliment it. I find it incredibly valuable. What you put before us is of such high caliber, and is so compelling, and speaks so directly to my life that I have a hard time putting it down and getting on with my day. . . . I don’t know what you can do to make things better, but I do know this—-DON’T DUMB IT DOWN!



RickKelly_reading2Like Lacey, I was surprised at the length of the scroll. I dressed up in my biblical outfit (have used it many times for VBS) and read it to my secretary and friend and her two daughters, they were amused at first, found it interesting by the end. Thanks for the suggestion to do this, I would never have even considered reading the whole letter at one time. It was powerful, getting the overall message that Paul wanted to give.



Jim Welch1Gary, I will say again thank you for the spiritual growth that you and the Spirit have helped me achieve. You have changed the way I think about scripture and the way I share scripture with others. In my work as a hospice chaplain I have used your insights on a number of occasions to help those who are hurting to know the peace that comes from seeing anew our Lord in verses they have heard all their lives. And this simply by getting them to see the context and the purpose of that writer for that writing. It is truly a freeing experience. Yet, it is so challenging as I work to overcome decades of how to approach the Word.

--Jim W.

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