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Any Christian who has to deal with divorce on any level will want to look at this new resource. 

Divorce and the Christ Community:  A New Portrait will challenge you and stimulate you to think.

If you are a Christian facing divorce or know others who are or have, read this book

A refreshingly-new look,
at a very old concern.

This book takes an inviting and conversational look at a very tough subject.  It grows out of the author's   personal experience with divorce,  but also from his experience as a university teacher of biblical literature and languages and as a long-time minister.  The book is the result of 15 years and 30 drafts of focused energetic research and writing.  Its 347 pages of text plus an additional 6 detailed appendices offer a powerful and scintillating scrutiny of the interplay of three major areas of concern:  (1) biblical texts, (2) divorcing Christians, and (3) "the church" (namely, church leaderships who attempt to mediate the first two). 

Although this is not a counseling book, it is written to deal with real-life issues faced by Christians of divorce.  A major concern of the book is to evaluate the interplay between ancient text (Scripture) with current life and need, the actual and appropriate response of church leaderships, and the question of divorce and ministry (not just "professional ministry," but ministry of all kinds.)

As I was reading the book I kept thinking,  'This book comes from the heart and not just the mind.'    It is so well researched over years of time and comes from a wealth of knowledge on the subject - but also comes from the heart of one who has seen the hurt and felt the hurt of divorce.  The scholarship is first rate here - but written in almost a story form at times.  Very readable for anyone.    I have read a dozen books or more on this subject through the years and I found this one to be the most helpful in my counseling and coaching families around the issue of divorce.
Bob Herndon, Minister, Tulsa, OK  

If you are thinking this book will be just one more book on divorce, a rehash of the same old things you've heard before -- think again.  This is a completely new look at the question of divorce.  It will challenge how you think about the question as well as how you handle the Bible and people in the middle of difficult times.

So many books are written to “move” us and make us “soar.” This isn’t one of them. So many books are a rehash of what went before. . . . Collier’s book is no rehash of anything I’ve read. . . .

Collier . . . has a riveting section about God's heart about marriage when he deals with David's repentance in Psalm 51. That section alone, for me, was worth the price of the book. . . .

[Collier] has helped me to be a more sensitive listener to God and he has deepened my resolve to get to the heart of things, which ultimately is God's heart that makes itself known to us in scripture and life.

He has helped me to see more clearly what exactly was happening in Matt 5 and 19 when Christ went behind legislation to the character of God to reveal the will of God. I already had some sense of what was happening there but he has assured me as well as enriching my vision. His treatment of Matthew 5:17-48 is sorely needed.
Jim McGuiggan, Author
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Regardless what you have thought about divorce up to now, this book will help you re-think it.  Whether you end up agreeing with the book or not, get ready to be challenged. 

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  • A well researched, well written 347 page book + 6 detailed appendices

  • Sensitive to the real struggle of divorces

  • Refreshingly new look at biblical texts

  • Concerned about faith, family,
    ministry, and Christian community

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Brokenness is the Issue.

The one place divorcing or divorced people should be able to turn for help, guidance, and support is the church.  But it doesn't always happen that way.  Of all places, the community of Christ must itself be whole,
offering help and healing.

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Types of Topics Covered
Divorce and the Christ Community

This comprehensive resource covers topics from biblical definitions and treatment of adultery, to the practice of divorce and remarriage in ancient Judaism of the time of Jesus Christ, and to current day concerns about how what Jesus or Paul taught in Mark 10, Matthew 5 and 19, 1 Corinthians 7, and other important texts (including both Old Testament and New Testament) on adultery, divorce, and remarriage should be applied today, not only in general, but also how it affects those in ministry roles of various kinds.  Those interested in preaching sermons on any or all of the topics, or who need teaching material, will find this a very rich resource.  It is also good for personal reading, instruction, and enrichment.  In addition there are many other verses about the teachings of God on adultery, divorce, and remarriage that are discussed in this book. 

However, it must be stressed that this is an entirely new portrait.  This is not the same old warmed-over themes, conclusions, and restrictions that are found in so many other approaches.  It is an entirely fresh approach, beginning with Joseph's intent on divorcing Mary and including David's confessional Psalm 51.  Christian marriage, divorce, and remarriage today deserves a new look, not in terms of old debates, but in terms of the kinds of questions being asked and faced today.  That's what this is. 

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