Our 2nd Live Event is Now Past. . .

Theme:  “Engaging Paul in 1Corinthians”

Speakers . . .

Dr. James C. Savage Dawn Gentry Lee Patmore John Eoff Twila Higginbottom Dr. Mike Wilkinson Portia Regan  Dr. Gary D. Collier
Jim Dawn Lee John Twila Mike Portia Gary
Thursday 3:00PM on Check-in To Hotel from 3pm on
  4:00-5:30 Informal Reception, Conversation, Chit-Chat
  5:30-7:00 Eat together (Will drive together to nearby location–or order out.)
  7:00-8:45 Gary Collier:  Welcome!
“Engaging Paul: Paul Among the Scholars”
  9:00-10:30 Jim Savage: “I Cor. 15:  A New Message from an Old Pharisee” (1)
  10:30-10:45 Break
  10:45-12:15 Mike Wilkinson:  Slides:  “Archaeology and Greco-Roman cities”
  12:15–2:00 Lunch Break
  2:00-3:30 Portia Regan: “Building Bridges & the One Body of Christ” (1Cor 12)
  3:30-3:45 Break
  3:45-4:45 John Eoff: “Prophecy:  An Indicator of Inspiration”
  4:45-6:45 Dinner Break
  6:45-8:45 Dawn Gentry: Engaging Paul in 1Cor 11 and 14:
“Paul’s Mosaic—–Reading I Cor 11 and 14 in view of Paul’s Big Picture”
  9:00-10:30 Jim Savage: “I Cor. 15:  A New Message from an Old Pharisee.” (2)
  10:30-10:45 Break
  10:45-12:15 Lee Patmore: “Engaging Paul in 1Cor 1:18–2:16”
  12:15– 2:00 Lunch
  2:00-3:00 Mike Wilkinson:  Slides:  “History of Corinth”
  3:00-3:15 Break
  3:15-5:15 GNT3:  Greek Seminar (Free time for others)
  5:15-6:15 Break
  6:15-8:45 Banquet:
Gary Collier:
“Let Me Ask You One Thing”:
Engaging Paul in Biblical Conversation
  9:00-9:45 Jim Savage: “I Cor. 15:  A New Message from an Old Pharisee.” (3)
  9:45-10:30 Twila Higginbottom: “Reflections on Love from 1Cor 13”
  10:30-10:45 Break
  10:45-11:15 Singing/Worship (Led by Harold & Dawn Gentry)
  11:15-12:30 Agape meal with Lee Patmore (Homily)
For recordings of some of these classes, see section below.


Below are slightly edited versions of several videos from the CWP Live Event.  Not all sessions were recorded.

If it is not listed below, it means there was some kind of problem that prevented the recording.  For example, Jim Savage’s 3rd session did not get recorded, nor Portia’s session, nor Twila’s session nor Lee's Sunday session.  Also, my own first session was garbled and not worth saving.  Everyone at the Live Event will tell you that the gathering was much more than Bible Study sessions.  The videos offer a mere taste.

Greek People:  Please note that the GNT3 Planning meeting is located half way thru John Eoff’s second video, starting at minute 39.00.

These recordings are not professionally produced.  The video quality needs improving.  Hopefully that can happen for subsequent events.


CWP Live 2014 Thompson Community Center, Johnson City, TN; October 16-20, 2014

001--James Savage: "A New Message from an Old Pharisee--1"

002--James Savage: "A New Message from an Old Pharisee--2"

003--Mike Wilkinson--Greco Roman Cities (Slides)

004--Mike Wilkinson--Corinth (Slides)

005--Dawn Gentry "Engaging Paul in 1Cor 11 & 14
"Paul's Mosaic: Reading the 'Women Texts' in Light of Paul's Big Picture"
(Unfortunately, the first 5 minutes of this video did not record. It begins midstream in the introduction.)

006--Lee Patmore--"Engaging Paul in 1Cor 1:17-2:16"

007--John Eoff--Prophecy, the Coming of Jesus, and AD 74

008--John Eoff Q&A // GNT3 Planning Meeting

009--Gary D. Collier: Biblical Conversation (The Theological Basis of the CWP Agenda)

010--Brian Casey, "Continuing Conversationally: Allusions in Music as Illustration." This is a video response to Gary Collier's presentation which deals with the subject of allusions in Biblical texts. Brian offers a conceptual and thoughtful reply by presenting allusions he finds in the field of music. (See his description under his video.) This video was originally intended and scheduled to be played at the live event immediately after the paper was read to help encourage conversation about the topic. Unfortunately, the video did not get played at that time because the main presenter talked too long! :-( Apologies to Brian, but also great appreciation for his time, work, and substantive response.

The Original Info on CWP Live Event 2014 Now Follows

Q: Is there a fee for attending?  And when can I register?

A:  Yes and Immediately.  These fees will cover some basic expenses, the Saturday Night Banquet, and the Sunday Agape Meal.  In the event of unforeseen expenses, it is possible that we may ask for volunteers to provide additional help to cover expenses.

Register Now:

  1. Inner Circle Members (IC2 and IC3) $60 per person    or   $80 per couple (husband  & wife).
  2. Guests are welcome $75 per person or  $95 per couple.
  3. All $40/$50 any part of any single day (at the door)–check only.

Q:  How do I reserve a room?

A:  Call The Fred & Dorothy Thompson Community Center . . . Now!

Reserve a Room Now

Phone: (423) 722.1090
Toll Free: (855) 652.0919
Fax: (423) 722.1087

  1. You can call anytime to make reservations.  The sooner the better.   HOWEVER–when you call, you need to specify that you are with the “Collier” group  (“Collier” is the name in the system, so tell them I’m with the “Collier” group, not just coffee with Paul.) Otherwise, the desk host might say “our rooms are all taken.”
  2. NOTE:  No deposit is necessary. However, you need to put your own credit card as a guarantee for room “damage” responsibility. This is standard at most hotels. Nothing will be charged, but it will be on file in case of any damages later. (From Gary Collier:  I’ll get back to you in late August on when the rooms are actually being paid for.)
  3. If the rooms are full, leave your name on a waiting list.  Once rooms run out, I’ll post something on area hotels.

Q:  How many total rooms are available and how much do they cost?

A:  We have 11 total rooms. (8 regular rooms and 3 suites).  Rates quoted below are our rates despite what the website might say.

  1. Upstairs:  8 Regular rooms (all are upstairs) have 2 full size beds, private bath, and desk.  ($60 night)  There is no elevator.
  2. Downstairs:  There are ONLY TWO downstairs rooms and both of them are executive suites  ($75/night)
    Both of them are easily accessible. They both have full living room, kitchen, dining table, private bath, and LARGE bedroom with one queen and one full size bed and a desk.  ONE of them (102) is fully accessible with a wheelchair accessible roll-in shower. That room also has a phone (the only suite which does)
  3. NOTE from Gary Collier:  It is very possible we will run out of rooms:  If you are coming alone, consider rooming with someone else who is coming alone.  (E.g., in our case, my sister Portia will be rooming with Lanette and me in the upstairs suite. The room rate is the same whether there is 1 or 4 in the room.)  Once rooms run out, I’ll post information on area hotels.

Q:  When are check-in and check-out times for the hotel?

A: Usually 3PM check-in, and 11AM check-out.

Check Out Times:  All guests need to be checked out of their hotel rooms by 11 a.m Sunday (unless you’ve arranged to stay Sunday night). Dawn has agreed to unlock her office on Sunday a.m. for you to store luggage if needed.

Q:  Are there other hotels in the area?

A:  Yes.  Although it will be much better to stay at the place we are actually holding our event, if we run out of rooms, there are some alternatives.  Dawn writes:

In Johnson City, the Holiday Inn Express and Double Tree are comparable and both at the Roan Street exit off of I-26. There is also a Hampton, a bit farther out. We’ve stayed at both the Double Tree and the Hampton. The Double Tree offers a “Milligan friends rate” that was $75 the last time I was there.  Here’s a link

The Carnegie Hotel is fancy and expensive. Red Roof Inn and Motel 6 will be our price or cheaper, but they are not as nice.

Q:  What about travel info:  airport and how to get to TCC.

  1. The Tri-Cities airport is about 25 minutes north of the campus.
  2. Knoxville is the second best option and it’s just under 2 hours away.
  3. Click here for directions

If this is not enough info let me know.  Dawn writes:  “There are two entrances that will work, the instructions on the website are most direct…however, if you miss the turn at Milligan View Rd, you can find us via the Emmanuel Christian Seminary entrance pretty easily too. When I started working here I had to ADD the address to Google maps – it didn’t even know where we are. We discovered this week how difficult it is for people to find us in the dark and added a couple of lights to help with that. But we are easy to miss.”

You can also share the link to our website or facebook page, each of which has a click on map


Q:  When and where is this event being held?

A: East Tennessee

Oct 16-19:  Thursday 4pm to Sunday 1pm 

Emmanuel Christian Seminary
Thompson Community Center
Johnson City, Tennessee . . . USA
Phone: (423) 722.1090
Toll Free: (855) 652.0919
Fax: (423) 722.1087


 What Do I Do Now?

Do two things ASAP:

  1. Register now! (See Question 1 above)
  2. Call the Thompson Center and make reservations . . . now!  (See Question 2 above.)


What is CWP Live Event?

In case you haven’t noticed, the CWP Live Event is not the standard conference featuring the latest and greatest “big-name” speakers from around the country.  Those are fine.  But this, here, is something else.  This is unique. This is a Bible Study group of real women and men working together throughout the year and reaching out to the world.  It is one step we are taking.  And with the Lord’s blessing, it won’t be the last.  We advocate responsible, contextual, and conversational Bible study.  And we have a lot of fun being serious about it.

(To see last year’s 2013 CWP Live Event, click here)