CWP held a biblical studies Live Event July 7-10 in Greencastle, IN.  Scroll down for pictures, the schedule, and more.

Some pics of our event on Friday:

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Some pics of our event on Saturday:

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Some pics of our event on Sunday:

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Reading the Bible Like Jesus:
Scribes Trained for the Kingdom of Heaven



July 7-10, 2016

Campus of the Lifebuilder Community Center of Greencastle
637 E Washington St, Greencastle, IN 46135

You will be asked to consider making a tax-deductible gift for attending this event.
See below under Register Now



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Jim Carolyn Lee John Brian Jeff Faull Richard Bobby Craig Mike Twila Gary
Plus: Dayna Ashley Singing! (Scroll down for a sample.)

FOCUS:  Gospel of Matthew

Thursday 3:00PM on Check-in To Hotel from 3pm on
4:00-5:30 Informal Reception, Conversation, Chit-Chat
5:30-8:45 Reception at Collier Home & Tour of CWP World Headquarters
Saturday  Schedule coming . . . see below for general information

This event will feature the 5 major speeches of Jesus as found in the Gospel of Matthew:

Mt 5-7 Old Order/New Order
—–Mt 10  Disciples Sent Out
———-Mt 13  Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven
—–Mt 18  Disciples Community Rule
Mt 23-25 Fall of Old Order/Rise of New Order

The order of approach will be “inside out” (explained at the event),

starting at the center (13),
then moving to 18 and 10,
then to 23-25 and 5-7.



Thursday July 7

Starting at 3:00 PM
Check-in to Hotel

About 5PM–Reception at the Collier Home and tour of the CWP World Headquarters

Friday July 8
“How We Read the Gospels”

9:00 AM
Speech 3 of Jesus:
“Intro to Matthew:  Scribes Trained for the Kingdom of Heaven (Mt 13).”
Gary D. Collier, Cloverdale, IN

10:15 AM
“Jesus, Messiah, Son of God, Son of Man.”
Twila Higginbottom, Rogers, AR

11:30 AM
“Why Read in Multiple Translations?  Matthew 6 in Three Different Versions”
Carolyn Smith

12:30-2:00 Lunch

2:00 PM

“The Act of Reading as Method:  A Poet Looks at Matthew.”
Craig Collier, Cloverdale, IN

3:15 PM
Panel Discussion
“Does it Matter How We Read the Gospels?”
Casey, Collier, Davies, Eoff, Higginbottom, Patmore, Savage, Smith.

Dinner Break

7:00 PM
Speech 4 of Jesus:
Keynote: Mt 18 “Let the Little Children Come to Me”

Jeff Faull, Mooresville, IN

Saturday July 9
“The Speeches of Jesus & the Kingdom”

9:00 AM
Speech 2 of Jesus:
Mt 10:  “When They Persecute You in One Town, Flee to the Next”
Richard Davies, Macon, GA

10:15 AM
Speech 5 of Jesus:
“Jeremiah or one of the Prophets:  Hearing the prophetic voice of Jesus in Mt 23-25”
Lee Patmore, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

11:30 AM
“Mt 24:  The Apocalyptic Coming of the Son of Man”—–An Alternative View
John Eoff, Kerrville, TX

12:30-2:00 Lunch

2:00 PM
“A Radically Altered Worldview: Kingdom Teachings of the Gospel of Matthew, Richard Hughes, and Lee Camp”
Brian Casey, Searcy AR

3:15 PM
Speech 1 of Jesus:
Mt 5-7 “An Exceeding Righteousness”
Jim Savage, Mayfield, Ky

4:30-7:00 PM

7:00  PM
“Reading the Gospels:  “Women at the Tomb as a Test Case”
Gary D. Collier, Cloverdale, IN

Sunday July 10
“Reading Matthew, Reaching Out”

9:00 AM
Mt 28 “Reconsidering the So-Called ‘Great Commission’:  What Jesus Was Really Talking About!”
Bobby Hopper, Greencastle, IN

10:30 AM
Music:  Dayna Ashley

Morning Sermon: “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem!”
Lee Patmore, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

12:00-1:00 PM

1:00 PM
“The State of the CWP Union:  Present and Future”
Gary D. Collier and Bobby Hopper




Speakers are listed at the top: More info about all speakers soon.

Guest Speaker:   Jeff Faull is an internationally known speaker and a member of the Coffee With Paul Community.  He will likely be speaking to us on Friday night.  See schedule above for his topic.  Here is a recent video of one of his lessons on Jesus:


This will be our first year to have Dayna Ashley (former Miss Indiana) singing for us.  She is pri-tty good! Has sung with the Gaithers, for the Colts (National Anthem), etc. etc.

Click Pic: starts at “40 second” mark, as Dayna stands up. ___________________________________________________

You will NOT be disappointed.  She and her husband Andrew are fans of CWP and will be here with us for at least part of the event.


July 7-10  Thur PM, Fri, Sat, Sun.  We start on Thursday evening.  It is best if you arrive on Thursday to get settled in. 

We’ll have an informal meeting and eating (a reception!) of all who come on Thursday evening—at our home.
Live sessions will start in earnest Friday morning at 9AM and go till Sunday about 2PM.


We ask for a “Registration Contribution”  to help us with costs.  This will help us cover basic expenses, such as meals, transportation rental, the Saturday Night Banquet, the Sunday Agape Meal, and other costs.  Please choose an amount you can afford and be comfortable with.  Once you click any link below, you’ll be able to choose your own amount:

Requested contribution amount for each:

1. Entire Conference:

**IC2 and IC3 Members:  we suggest a contribution of  $60 per person or   $80 per couple.
Choose Your Contribution

**Guests are welcome:  we suggest a contribution of  $70 per person or  $90 per couple.
Choose Your Contribution

2. Partial Attendance:

**We suggest a contribution of $40.
Choose Your Contribution

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit organization.  All contributions are tax deductible.
Who are we:  (See below)


We have reserved 15 rooms in the Cloverdale Super8 Hotel.  (click link to see pics).  7 are still available.
Please support our effort to provide quality & affordable group rates by staying in this hotel.

The rate is $71.40  $65 plus tax (about $74).  Per room.
7 rooms have 1 King;  8 rooms have 2 Queens.  We ask that a couple request a King to save the Queen rooms for those who might be doubling up with a roommate.
If needed, you may request a handicap room.
There are two floors and no elevator. If you are able, please choose a 2nd floor room and save the 1st floor rooms for those who have trouble with stairs.  If you have any trouble with stairs, by all means ask for a 1st floor room.

**Call this number 765.795.7373 and say you are with Lanette Collier’s group!  (Otherwise you will not get the rate.)
**Please arrive Thursday afternoon/evening (July 7)  Plan to stay the night  7, 8, 9 (checkout on 10th).
**Make reservations now.  There is a cut-off date of June 24th and we will lose the rooms and rate if not sold.


Fly into the Indianapolis, Indiana airport.
Arrange ground transportation ahead of time with Gary or Lanette Collier. If you don’t have a car, we will provide all ground transportation between the Airport, the Hotel, our meeting areas, and eating establishments.  Obviously, you are free to rent a car if you like.  But there is no necessity for that.

cloverdaleexit-Super8Super8 Hotel is in Cloverdale (see link above):

Cloverdale is in west-Central Indiana, crossroads of I70 and US231. (click maps on the right)

All Sessions will be held at

LCC-greecastle2The Community Center
(Next Door to the LifeBuilder Community Church)
637 E Washington St,
Greencastle, IN 46135

Greencastle is 17 miles north of Cloverdale on 231. (click maps on the right)

This is a CWP sponsored event, not a church sponsored event.  Even so, the LifeBuilder Church is providing space and other services free of charge.


Breakfast is free (Fri, Sat, Sun):  The hotel has free continental breakfast and fresh made waffles (you make them).
Lunch is free (Fri, Sat, Sun):  We plan to provide lunch every day.  Likely salads and sandwiches and drinks of course.
We will likely go to a buffet Friday night and you will pay for you own meal.
Saturday we will have a “banquet”, and that is figured into the event registration fee.
Some things are subject to change.  More on this later, but our goal is to provide lunch every


Here is a major difference from the previous 2 years.

This year, we will (yes!) seek to build and encourage our own group.
However, this year, we will add an outreach flavor to our sessions.
This year, we will hold our event at a local church:  a small church.  Our goal will be to bless this church and it’s community.
From the very beginning, we have said of ourselves that we consider CWP as having an outreaching mission for promoting a lively  “conversational reading” of the Bible.
We will see how this works.  Don’t get me wrong.  We will not “water down” our conference in the least!  We will rather aim to lift up others in this church and community.


Our theme is somewhat based on the book:  The Forgotten Treasure:  Reading the Bible Like Jesus.  This LIVE Event will be related to, but NOT a repeat of that book.  Actually, this event will cover the Matthew material that is largely left out of the book.


We are planning to record the main speeches only.  These will NOT be live webcast.


Do two things ASAP:

**Register now! (See “Register Now” above)

**Call the Hotel (765.795.7373) and make reservations . . . now!  Say “I’m with Lanette Collier’s group!”


CWP Classroom:  An Institute for the Art of Biblical Conversation.  We are an international independent Christian-based organization that promotes the responsible and contextual reading of the Bible.  For a faith statement, go here.

A CWP Live Event is not the standard conference featuring the latest and greatest “big-name” speakers from around the country. Those are fine. But this, here, is something else. This is unique. This is a Bible Study group of real women and men working together throughout the year and reaching out to the world. We advocate responsible, contextual, and conversational Bible study. And we have a lot of fun being serious about it.