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The following terms and conditions apply to all of our websites:

For a computer to play any of our videos, they must be flash enabled.


We respect your privacy. Any information you provide us is used only for the purpose listed on our site when you provide it. We never sell or share your information with any third party for any reason. Any comment you share in the comments section of any blog page may be read by others.


Although we are talking about Bible content on our website, nothing on our website is aimed at or for anyone below the age of 18. Parental (or legal guardian’s) consent and assistance is required for any child’s participation. No one under the age of 18 should provide any personal information to us or anyone using our website.


We do not practice spam on any level.  If you or someone you know has received something you consider SPAM, please contact us through the About/Contact tab at the top.  We will immediately address the problem.


We do not pay any kind of compensation to anyone for testimonials. All testimonials are voluntary.

We do maintain affiliate relationships with some recommended resources. This means that if you click on the link of a recommended resource (e.g., through and purchase a product from them, we might receive a very small promotional fee from that company. This costs you no more money, and it is a passive way you could help the CWP effort.


We may, from time-to-time, update our terms and conditions. When that happens, they will take effect immediately. If you do not agree with our listed terms and conditions, please do not utilize our website or any of our services or products. If you have concerns or questions, please contact us.


Naturally, we are hoping that our website will provide valuable information and services to interested parties. We do, however, reserve the right to restrict or prohibit anyone from using our website for any reason.


You are not allowed to copy any content, whether written, video, or other, without our permission. You are not allowed to distribute for free or for sale any of our content without our permission. We own all the content on our website, except for the content provided for us by others. Anyone who provides contents for us retains ownership of their own content. We and our content providers claim all property rights, including intellectual property rights, for all items and for the content on our website. No one is permitted to infringe upon those rights. Any attempt to do so is subject to legal prosecution.

We will never knowingly use the private intellectual rights of others without permission. We may make evaluative or comparative quotes from other resources, and from time to time, utilize free, publicly available, and public domain pictures and video clips on our site and in our videos. If you feel we have violated your intellectual property rights, please contact us immediately through our contact page. Please be specific and provide detailed information about your legal concern. We will work immediately to resolve any disputes.


Although we will do our best to provide a quality website with usable information, we cannot and do not guarantee it will be without error or that it will always be available. Nor are we responsible for how you use or apply our information, nor are we responsible for any loss you incur from your using our information. If you live in an area that does not allow such limitations on guarantees, your only recourse is to not use our site or information found on it.


Naturally, we do our best to provide healthy and un-offensive material on our website. However, we are not responsible for the contents of any website or material to which we may refer you, even if it contains obscene or offensive material, language, gestures, pictures, or the like. We will always do our best to advise you against any such material we are aware of, but we are not responsible for what others put on their websites. If you find that our links lead to offensive materials, alerting us to that fact will help us to mark such links clearly or to remove the links if we so choose. However, we are not obligated to remove such links or material.


You hereby agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any and all liability, claims, suits, losses, costs and legal fees caused by, arising from your use of the material on our website, or resulting from your violation of these terms and conditions.


You agree to obey all applicable laws while using our website and you agree that the laws of Indiana govern these terms and conditions.


If you have questions or concerns about these terms and conditions please e-mail us at, or write us at:

Coffee with Paul Ministries
452 W Water St
Cloverdale, IN 46120


These terms and conditions constitute your entire agreement with us respecing your use of our website.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 02/18/2013.