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Expression of Faith

As the public face of the Institute for the Art of Biblical Conversation, the CWP Classroom is not associated with any particular academic institution, church, denomination, or other para-church organization.  We attempt to serve Christians at large by offering high-quality programs of Bible study, including both English text and Greek text.  We focus on biblical text rather than generalized classes in ministry, counseling, and the like, as important as they may be.  We approach the ancient Christian scriptures quite energetically respecting the perspectives of both current day churches and the academic interests of groups like the Society of Biblical Literature, the Institute for Biblical Research, and the like.  We attempt to be responsible to the scriptures in the contexts of both the academy and the church.

With this in mind, the CWP Classroom project focuses on responsible, contextual, and conversational Bible Study in a healthy environment of interaction. These words in bold guide everything we do. We have the strange notion that Christians from all church backgrounds (regardless of perspective) can have energetic, focused, challenging, and engaging Bible study without rancor—–together!  And we have been engaged in this kind of open and wonderful conversation since 2012.

We are Christians from all over North America, Canada, and Europe.  We attend many different churches and have many different ideas about many things. But we agree that responsible, contextual, and conversational Bible Study in a healthy environment of interaction is useful for our own growth and the growth of others.

This project aims at academic integrity, but is not merely an academic exercise. This is a faith-based effort. We are not a church or a traditional school or any other religious or educational entity: We are people who are committed to responsible Bible Study.

There are many “statements of faith” by Christians around the world, against which we bring no quarrel, save those which speak well of the ancient scriptures in all the right words, and list all the right doctrines, but which act in ways of neglect or abuse of them all. Our “Expression of Faith” here is intentionally broad, and deliberately focused on the study of the ancient scriptures, all of us together. As simple and inadequate is this may be, it is an offering of faith nonetheless, trusting that our feeble efforts and writings will more fully attest to the joys and longings of our hearts than any traditional list of “right doctrines” can satisfy.