Books by Gary D. Collier, PhD (Founder and Director of The Institute for the Art of Biblical Conversation (IABC)


“I, Paulos” (2017)

Shades of Conversation in 1Thessalonians

A new book based on the author’s dissertation.  Edited and rewritten for a wider audience.

Description from the Back of the Book

The mid-1960’s erupted in a virtual volcano of dissent  against historical interests when reading ancient  authors and texts. Authors were declared “dead,”  “texts” were redefined, and revolutionary  literary theories swept the academic  landscape. Concurrently, studies  on Paul exploded into new  perspectives, counter perspectives,  wildly different “lives of Paul,”  and a general disillusionment that  anything at all about the “real Paul” could be known.

In the face of such  explosive views, I, Paulos  poses a daring two-fold thesis:  First, an authentic Paul can be known from at least  the letter of 1Thessalonians, just as much as anyone can be  known from a personal encounter. For what is “authentic” about authors  inhabits particular kinds of texts like this one. Second, Paul can be seen in this  letter as carrying on conversations on multiple levels and in a variety of shades, not  only with his immediate audience, but with God through earlier authors and texts.

I, Paulos is a new kind of commentary——a contextual and conversational analysis of 1Thessalonians.

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Unrelenting Faith (August 2015)

A unique and engaging study series for individuals, small groups, or whole churches

  • Volume 1:  What Really Matters?
  • Volume 2:  Rising, Walking!
  • Volume 3:  Probe Journal 1
  • Volume 4:  Probe Journal 2
  • Volume 5:  Growing Groups (Leader’s Guide)

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2 Readers (6 x 9, 164 pages) | 2 Journals (8.5 x 11, 120 & 132 pages) | 1 Leader’s Guide ( 8.5 x 11, 82 pages)

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Scripture, Canon, & Inspiration (May 2012)



“No topics are more vital to the future of the church in America than those addressed by Gary Collier in this book. Positions on issues of canon and inspiration are frequently formulated a priori and then imposed onto the Biblical text—Collier’s treatments clarify the issues and help the reader see and consider evidence typically ignored or glossed over, either for lack of knowledge or out of fear of the implications. If all truth is God’s truth, then Christians should have no fear of honest inquiry. Scripture, Canon and Inspiration opens the inquiry and offers us an entry into conversations that we absolutely must have if Christian faith is to continue to be a significant voice in our culture.”

———————–William “Chip” Kooi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theology, Oklahoma Christian University, Edmond, OK.


Gary, I am reading Scripture, Inspiration and Canon for the second time in less than a year. I would have done it much sooner except I misplaced my now-well-marked-up copy, and only found it again during our recent move to a new home. This and Philip Yancy’s Disappointment With God are two books I will read and reread to the end of my life (which at my age might come about noon, day after tomorrow!!).  What a game changer it has been. How stunning to find reality was in front of me all my life, and yet I didn’t see it, so used to my box have I been.  . . .You have revolutionized the mind of this long time Bible student. I have been pleased to study at your feet, my friend.

—————————————————————————————————————–Paul “Mitch” Mitchell

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Engaging Paul in 1Corinthians  (August 2015)

A Celebratory Volume in Honor of John and Diana Eoff
edited by Gary D. Collier and Brian Casey
Corrected Edition, August 2015.

In November 2014, a unique and select group of energetic Bible study partners from the US and Canada came together after months of weekly preparation to study Paul’s letter, 1Corinthians. Unlike most conferences, where people gather to hear others talk, this group came for active study. They themselves were the speakers. Would it be possible to “engage Paul” in meaningful conversation about his letter? Together they explored 1Cor 2, 7, 11, 12, 13, and 15, and several related topics: Paul among the scholars, the city of Corinth, the cross of Christ, the art of biblical conversation, and the question of prophecy and the return of Jesus. Now, these studies—from a variety of viewpoints—are brought together in honor of a very special couple.

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The Forgotten Treasure: Reading the Bible Like Jesus (1993)

Paperback:  This book is currently available only through or other used book dealers. This book is being revised and is slated for re-release in 2018.

This book studies Matthew’s Gospel comparing how Jesus read the scriptures compared to the way the Pharisees did.  The question is, when we read the scriptures, who do we look most like?

This is a bold attempt to interpret Scripture as a believer and follower of Jesus and as one committed to Jesus’ community of faith which is manifested historically in the Restoration tradition of Churches of Christ. Collier’s very manner of presentation models what to me is a refreshing approach to biblical studies — reading the canonical texts with one’s own commitments to God and church always on the table.”

Andre Resner, Restoration Quarterly


Loved it. Very practical in terms of speaking what the text says. Can’t go astray sticking with Collier and his focus on the text.

Bob Lewis,

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Divorce and the Christ Community: A New Portrait  (2004)

About a 350 page book.

Available only electronically.
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So many books are written to “move” us and make us “soar”. This isn’t one of them. So many books are a rehash of what went before. . . . Collier’s book is no rehash of anything I’ve read.

Jim McGuiggan, Author (see full review)

“As I read the book I keep thinking,  ‘This book comes from the heart and not just the mind.’    It is so well researched over years of time and comes from a wealth of knowledge on the subject – but also comes from the heart of one who has seen the hurt and felt the hurt of divorce.  The scholarship is first rate here – but written in almost a story form at times.  Very readable for anyone.    I have read a dozen books or more on this subject through the years and I found this one to be the most helpful in my counseling and coaching families around the issue of divorce.”  

Bob Herndon, Minister, Tulsa, OK  

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