CWP Classroom conducts a CWP “LIVE” event every year.

There are many fine live events around the country every year. However, many of them are like spectator sports, where “well known” people are brought in to speak, and we  all just watch and listen (and eat and eat and eat).   These are great events and have a valuable place.

Dcfc0005aUnique, High Quality

Our events are unique in that they are focused on developing our own people by giving them opportunities to speak and to interact with each other.  It is much more like a face-to-face study seminar in which everybody is involved, instead of a passive event where you just sit and listen.  (You can do that —–sit and listen—–but there is much more of a participatory air about our events than at others. )

We do try to choose a beautiful venue where all attendees can enjoy themselves.

And you can rest assured that we also eat and eat and eat!

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The Next CWP “LIVE” Event: Greece!!

  • 2016:  Greece!!   Pt 1 (land):  May 5-14;  Pt 2: (cruise): May 13-21
    You can choose either 10 days or 17 days!

    green_right_arrow_104B Days 1-10:  9 full days of land travel.  Return home on day 10.
    green_right_arrow_104B Days 9-17: Or, on day 9, board a cruise ship for 8 more days and go to places like Ephesus, Rhodes, Crete, and more. (Return home on day 17)

    This will be a teaching journey:  “Walking and Talking with the Apostle Paul.”  During all of this time we also will be holding some special teaching sessions directly related to Paul and biblical texts.

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    Also, the link will say “10 Days in Greece.”
    However, at the bottom click “Enhance My Trip” for the additional 9 days.


Previous CWP “LIVE” Events

  1. 2013 (April):  In Houston Texas:  2013 LIVE Event  in Houston, Texas.
  2. 2014 (October):  In Johnson City, Tennessee 2014 LIVE Event