Two free video-based studies on this page:

  1. 13 Lesson Study of Luke-Acts (13 videos x 3min each)
  2. 40 Things Everybody Should Know About the Bible (40 videos x 15 min each)


1. Luke-Acts

This is not a video; the videos are below under
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“3Minute Bible” Study:  Luke-Acts in 13 Lessons is a free course:  the whole of Luke-Acts in a combined total of 39 minutes!

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These 13 lessons are free and were part of a “3Minute Bible” project.  Each video is only 3 minutes long. This was designed to be one video each week for 13 weeks in which you then would read the assigned sections during that week. Each link below gives the video and assignments if you want to follow that study.

Feel free to leave comments after each video about that video. If you want to contact us for other reasons, please click the contact tab in the top navigation bar.


001–Luke-Acts 101 — Holy Spirit
——(The first video promises a study of the whole NT. Not the case here.)
002–Luke-Acts 101 — Luke 1-5
003–Luke-Acts 101 — Luke 1-9
004–Luke-Acts 101 — Luke 9-19–Preview
005–Luke-Acts 101 — Luke 9-19
006–Luke-Acts 101 — Luke 20-24
007–Luke-Acts 101 — Acts-HS
008–Luke-Acts 101 — Acts 1-5
009–Luke-Acts 101 — Acts 6-12
010–Luke-Acts 101 — Acts 13-17
011–Luke-Acts 101 — Acts 16-19
012–Luke-Acts 101 — Acts 20-24
013–Luke-Acts 101 — Acts 25-28


2. 40 Things


40 Things Everybody Should Know about the Bible is a FREE video course.

  • Online
  • Available right now—–Get started below.
  • About 15 minutes each
  • For private or group study
  • You can give feedback below each video if you like.

Intro Video to the Series

This series is FREE for everyone.  The end of the following video says $1—–ignore that. Send the following link to anyone:


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Heads Up

40 Things Everybody Should Know About the Bible is the original “signature” or “flagship” course offered by IABC. It is NOT a Bible study; it is, rather, a study about the Bible. It promotes a very high view of the Bible; and yet it challenges whether most Christians actually believe the lofty things they say about it. It also challenges some of the views held, and offers a biblical alternative. This course will challenge you to think about how you understand the Bible, Scripture, canon, inspiration,  and revelation. You will be able to reply to each lesson, if you like.  This is a study series, not a devotional. It was designed to be done in 40 weeks, but you choose your own pace.

You should know up front that this is not a standard approach. For some Christians, some lessons may be a jolting look at some realities about the Bible as we have it. We are not at all apologetic about this: we just want you aware that those lessons might be uncomfortable for some. One of our main goals is to put readers in touch with issues about the Bible that all Christians should know.

IABC/CWP members are already enrolled.  For all others, to get this course, you must enroll (at no cost).   Once enrolled, you’ll receive a username and password, which you want to keep handy.  If you have already enrolled, just login (top right, or if on a cell phone, scroll down for the login button).

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