Bible Study

All new members should start by completing all 5 steps on this page.

You are being manually added to the program.  Depending on the time of day, this may happen within minutes or hours, but it occasionally takes a day or two to get you “all signed up” for the email discussion groups, appropriate classes, and other matters.  If you signed up late Saturday morning, it may be too late to get you added for that day’s live classes.  But we will do our best.


To Get Started, Please Complete All 5 of the Following Steps:

Note: The following steps are for those in IC2 or also in IC3. You will be attending live classes and engaging in ongoing group discussions. Please do all of the steps.

However, if you have merely signed up for a recorded class or series, there is no need for you to do the following steps. You are welcome to do the steps, but they are not specifically relevant for recorded classes.

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