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10 Month Class

Not sure you have time
for Greek?

Jeff Faull
___  __
Okay, I confess, I’m one of those preachers who skipped Biblical Languages in college, picked up a Bachelors degree and immediately started preaching in my early 20’s.

Fast forward 30 years of ministry, 3 kids and 3 grandchildren later.  By Gods grace I now serve a 1500 member church, write for publications and carry a significant travel schedule.

But I find myself with less time than I had when I bypassed Greek in the first place.

Enter CWP. Gary Collier and Patrick Spicer made First year Greek possible, accessible and even enjoyable. Their step by step approach for even novices like myself with hectic schedules is an excellent path for busy people. Blacks text and the patient user-friendly way that Patrick helped us interact with it, was absolutely stellar. The study apps and the community approach along with Patricks knowledge gave me the confidence to complete first year Greek.

Everybody is busy, but the rewards that come from wading around in the language God used to gift us with His truth are worth another slot on your calendar. You can do this. Take it from a guy that’s still too busy. You won’t be sorry.

Jeff Faull
Mt. Gilead Church
Mooresville, IN

What this 10 month class will do for you . . .

  1. help you read the NT on a deeper level.
  2. help you read English translations with more understanding.
  3. help you improve your personal study skills.
  4. help you become better prepared as a teacher.
  5. allow you to become more confident in Bible study.
  6. set you apart as a more independent Bible student.
  7. give you live, high-quality instruction
  8. give you access to full video recordings of all classes.
  9. give you access to a highly motivate study group of like-minded Bible students.

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(NOTE: If you are looking for the “Greek as a Spiritual Discipline” Course, click here.)



For Everyday Students of the Bible

This is for people of all backgrounds, whether you are a working professional or retired.
It is perfect for . . .

  • All who want to improve your personal Bible study.
  • Preachers, teachers, other church leaders.
  • First time Greek students OR those who have had Greek before.
  • Working professionals
  • Retired people
  • This would be great for advanced and motivated Home-School teens (high school)!

We’ll cover the same material as in a college class, but we’ll take a little longer to do it.  So the pace is not as fast.  You’ll meet every week live for 90 minutes via video conferencing (you only need your computer and high speed internet = a minimum of 1 mbps or higher.  5mbps is better.  The higher the better.  Go here to test your internet speed:  http://speedtest.net.)

By the end of this class you will have a vocabulary of about 500 Greek words and be able to translate the Greek NT using beginners’ reading helps.

In a addition, this course will prepare you for other very special Bible study things we’ll be doing in the CWP Classroom, such as become a part of the GNT3 translation team:  a program for avid Bible students.

BlackNTGreek Endorsed by David A. Black . . .

 This class is both LIVE and recorded.  It was reviewed and endorsed by our textbook’s author, David A. Black:

I love it!!  Patrick Spicer’s Greek course is fabulous. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you are serious about learning to read New Testament Greek, this course is an excellent place to start.

David Alan Black
Dr. M. O. Owens Jr. Chair in New Testament
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

A Must See Video from the Course Instructor:

You won’t need to watch all of this 18 minute video to see what CWP Greek Instructor Patrick Spicer is up to.  He lays out his goals for the 2014-15 First Year Greek Class—-so this is last year’s class.   If you are thinking about taking this class, you will want to at least skim through this video.

But keep this in mind:  this class is designed for people who have never had Greek before.   Even so, it is also perfect for Greek review.  In the following video, recorded LIVE, Patrick is talking to a class of about 10 students, but only 4 or 5 were LIVE.  However, the videos make it possible for students to miss class (they’re busy!) and yet NOT miss it.

. . . This is Greek NT for Everyday People

(click the picture to start the video)

Gary D. Collier
Gary D. Collier

. . . A Note about Patrick Spicer from Gary Collier

Patrick Spicer’s Greek class is among the best I have seen any where.  It rivals or surpasses the quality of any college program, and yet it is geared for busy people.  The one big difference in Patrick’s approach and a college program is pace:  Patrick has paced this class in a much more sensible way, unencumbered from having to make it fit into a college “quarter, semester, or trimester” system.  The concern here is not grades;  the concern is that you have time to absorb and use the material. But not just the time, the tools.  And Patrick gives you those tools with incredible skill and concern for students.

In addition to the class, Patrick is developing important Greek study tools available only through CWP. He graduated from Houston Baptist University with a double major in Computer Information Systems and Business Management. He worked full-time for Exxon while attending HBU, continued with Exxon after graduation, and remained with them for 21 years in various IT positions before leaving ExxonMobil Chemicals’ Global Information Services division to pursue other interests—eventually leading to his studying New Testament Greek for the first time through CWP. Patrick has a contagious enthusiasm for excellence in his study of this language. I have personally seen numerous college-based programs for the study of NT Greek . . . not one of them is better than what you will get here with Patrick!

If you are a beginner (never had Greek before), this is the place to begin! You are in the right place.

If you are wanting to review and strengthen your skills in the fundamentals, you also are in the right place.

If you want something more than 1st year Greek, how about joining our translation team?  Go Here Now, look at item 3, and then scroll down to watch the video.

All who take this class will appreciate the expertise, passion, and humility with which Patrick teaches.  You will grow to love Patrick as a brother, a friend, a mentor, and a colleague.

Basic Info for the College-Level Greek Class . . .

1st year:  college level Greek.  Equivalent of 6 college credit hours.  (We do not offer college credit, but you won’t get better instruction in any college!)

  1. This class will give you the knowledge and experience without the high cost.
  2. This class is designed to enable you to “test out” of 1st year college level Greek (if you wanted to).  If you are interested in this, you should always check with the college first about what it requires or whether it will allow you to “test out.”  The course is clearly sufficient for that task, but we cannot guarantee that you will pass such a test.  That depends entirely on your hard work–and whether the college really wants you to pass!

Details of the Class

  1. 38 weeks of classes (43 weeks counting holidays).  Most college programs go at break-neck speed.  We have slowed our program down a good bit for working people.  Click the thumbnail below to see the schedule.  (This is the 2015-16 schedule).

    Click to Enlarge, then hit Esc
  2. You will have a new 90 minute class every Saturday at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.  These classes will be video recorded live and you will have continual access to those recordings (available within 24 hours of the live class).  If you miss a class or simply want to review it you can do so as many times as you like.  You have continuing access to the videos, even after the class is over.
  3. You will have a special private student web area with downloadable handout materials, quizzes, tests, and the like.
  4. You will have 24/7 365 email discussion group with direct access to the CWP instructors and others in the class.


Huge Savings

Dawn Gentry
Dawn Gentry

There is a cost (see “Tuition” below), but not anything like what you would pay at a college.  You can even register on a monthly basis.  Send us your name below and you’ll get full details.

I saved a minimum of 1,400 by taking the class this way.  For example, if I took a year at my chosen grad school in Tennessee, even with my scholarship it would cost me $2000.  But at a nearby grad school here in Indy it would be $3045.  So there’s a potential for saving much more. Also, taking it a bit more slowly allows me to start working on it alongside work, and possibly one other class…before I can actually enroll in school full time.
Dawn Gentry (at the time she was taking this class, a children’s minister in a large church)  Dawn is now an MDiv student in well-known seminary.


Common Questions

Q:  When does the class begin?   A:   You can take this class LIVE each week, and/or get it recorded.  Live classes normally start in September.  Recorded classes can be taken any time.

Q:  Tuition:  How much does the class cost?  A:  Costs are described in this 12 Minute VideoIMPORTANT:  This video explains that the 1st Year Greek class does not stand alone, but is part of the larger GNT3 program.  When you register for 1st Year Greek, you automatically become part of the larger GNT3 program.  The video explains this in detail.

Q:  Can I just take the Greek class without being connected to the GNT3 program?  Yes, at double the cost.  Contact me if that is what you want to do.  (Believe me, it is not worth it to me administratively to treat this outside the program that is already set up.  It is much simpler as part of the GNT3 program.  Then all you have to do is only focus on what you want.  Better for you, better for me.)

Q:  How & When does the class meet?   A:  Everything but the textbook and workbook is online.

  1. The textbook and workbook  must be purchased by you separately.
  2. This Live Class meets 90 minutes each Saturday at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.  If you are not in the live class, but only watching recordings (your decision),  you get a new video (recorded live) and any written material each week.  Review the class as many times as you like.  If you take the class live, you also get the new recordings.  You continue having access to the recordings once the class is completed.
  3. You also have access to a private online Greek discussion group:  ask questions, get answers, help others.

Q:  Will I have access to any “live” help?  Or am I on my own?  You are NOT on your own. You have access to all kinds of “live” help.  You will be part of  two Greek discussion groups, one of which is designed just for this class.  Not only the teacher is on those groups, but all previous students still with us are there too.  You’ll have all kinds of help.

Q:  Do I need any previous Greek training?  No.  However, if you’ve had Greek before, this will be a perfect review.

Q:  How much time will be required each week?   To keep up with the class, you should be prepared to spend a minimum of 3 to 5 hours per week in preparation.  Some students may want or need to spend more than that.  See Mike Wilkinson’s comments at the bottom of this page.

Q:  What if I have to miss a class now and then?  Not a problem.  All classes are recorded live and you will be able to simply watch the video whenever you like to catch up.  It is exactly the same as the live class.  As a student of this class you always have access to the materials and videos of this class from this point forward.

Q:  What is the focus of the class?  A:  The focus of this class is on College Level NT Greek.  We will cover in 37 total weeks what college classes cover in about 25 to 30 weeks.  This means we will go slower and give working people an opportunity to keep up easier.

Q:  Do I need anything special?  A:  Yes.  High speed internet, the ability to watch online videos.  You should have a download speed of at least 1Mbps.  (Go to http://www.speedtest.net to test your download speed.)  The faster, the better.  You do not need any previous Greek training.  You do not need a college degree for this class.  Also, this class will help you develop patience, persistence, and “stick-to-it-ivenss.”   Greek is something you want to do steadily, not hit and miss.  (A little everyday is better than a lot one day).

Q:  How do I get started.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to Register


“I recommend this class for everyone!”

Mike Wilkinson
Mike Wilkinson

I took the 1st year Greek class a couple of years ago, and would whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone. It has made an amazing difference in my Bible study methods, and I believe I am seeing the text better than ever before. I know that I am much better able to engage with scholarly opinion that I read in commentaries, now that I am able to read the text myself first, and then subsequently follow the scholars’ arguments on interpretation of the text. I think it has made me a better Sunday school teacher.

You probably need to know my background in order to assess these comments. I had never previously taken a formal class in Hellenistic Greek. I had tried off and on for years to learn basic Greek by myself, but unsuccessfully. I found the class setting, the discussions, and the deadlines very helpful in finally accomplishing my goal. I do plan on taking the class again this Fall, to reinforce what I learned last year, and hopefully get a bit deeper into my understanding of the Greek NT. I have studied alongside Patrick for about a year now, and can vouch that he has a terrific understanding of 1st year Greek, and that he will be a terrific teacher. He is very thorough, methodical, and patient.

One last important point is the time requirement. When Gary says that you need to spend 3-5 hours per week outside of class in study, he is absolutely correct.  I spent at least twice this much time every week. The need to spend time in study is probably just like learning anything else. However, since learning math or a language builds each week upon the previous week, you have to stay engaged to keep from getting lost after a few months.

Having said all that, I do not have anywhere near that much time in my schedule this Fall. But, I think I will still gain something from the class, even if I am unable to learn as much as I would if I put in more time. I do think it would be possible for someone who has had Greek years ago to take the class and keep up and benefit from it, without expending an enormous amount of time in study. If you have never had Greek, you will still see benefit from just absorbing what you can without outside of class study — but I think it would prove frustrating. I hope that does not discourage anyone, but it is just my honest assessment. I do highly recommend the class, as I think it will allow spiritual growth for any committed Christian. I hope to see you all there in another week!

Mike Wilkinson, M.D.

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