Two Parts


30 Day Trial for $1

Level 2
English Only

$1 = 30 day trial,
then $57/mo

(cancel any time)

Level 3
(IC3 =GNT3)
Greek & English

$1 = 30 day trial,
then $77/mo

(cancel any time)

Level 1 is no longer available.
There is no “Greek only” option.

Video of Entire CWP | Video for GNT3 Project Only


Questions (FAQ)

  1. All Greek classes and English classes are included in the Greek program above.  You sign up once, you get everything.
  2. I’m a busy person—-how much time will this take? This is entirely up to you. For example, you could simply attend the classes and do nothing else. Or you can take both the Greek and English sessions and study a lot. It depends on what you want out of the class and is entirely up to you. But keep this part in mind: even if you are simply “sitting in” the class—-listening and watching only—-you’ll not only get to hear some excellent teaching, you’ll also be exposed to the process by which such teaching comes about (both content and methodology, both the whats and hows). And you’ll be able to watch some interesting and informative interchanges by others, just by being there. On the other hand, if you put more into it, then you will increase your “take-away” 30, 60, or 100 fold. It is up to you!
  3. How often does the Inner Circle meet? We will meet every week on Saturday. We will observe a few holidays throughout the year (so as not to burn any of us out!) Those dates will be announced.
  4. Do I need a college degree? No. Not even a high school diploma. You must be able to read, you must have internet access and some basic computer knowledge, and you must want to learn and grow.
  5. Do I have to be at every session? No, you can attend any of the sessions you like. One of the reasons for the recordings (at levels 2-3) is to give you the flexibility of attending the sessions you can attend, and then revisiting the recordings if you like.
  6. Why is there a cost? I agree. Why does anything cost? Why isn’t everything free? Medical care. Education. Housing. Food. These are vital—-yet we have to pay for them. The truth is, there is no free Bible study anywhere. Somebody pays for it. If it was not paid for or subsidized in some manner, it would not exist. So, if you are wealthy (because we are not—-in monetary terms) and want to bankroll this program, call us! Until that time, the real question is value. This is our top level Bible seminar and development team. This is a worthwhile and valuable effort. We need people who understand what value is to stand beside us in this effort. As a show of good faith, and at our own expense, we have developed almost a whole year of “free” materials: namely, the 40 Things series (believe me, it was not free!). It is not our wish to leave anyone out who genuinely cannot afford it; at the same time, we need people who are both able and willing to make a commitment to this unique Bible study outreach program.
  7. When can I enroll? Any time. It takes less than 5 minutes.
  8. What if I want to withdraw? Once you enroll in the CWP Inner Circle, you will remain a member until you withdraw. You may withdraw at any time. In that case, your account will be stopped, but you can still access everything you had up to that point.
  9. Is there a trial period? Yes, a 30 day trial period for $1. (This is how everybody signs up!) This way there is no risk to you. After the trial period, unless you withdraw first, you will automatically be billed. If you do not wish to continue, you must withdraw.
  10. Can I change from one level to another (e.g., from Core to Depth, or vice versa)? Yes, at any time.
  11. Why is there not a “Greek Only” option? What if I don’t want the English? Actually, the GNT3 was designed as Greek only, but we threw in English as a bonus. This has proved to be a very valuable set up. However, if you don’t want the bonus English program, just ignore it.
  12. Why 100 people? (You mentioned this in the first intro video.) Isn’t that too many? Won’t that make it impossible to have any real “conversation”? Ok, here’s a secret . . . don’t tell anybody, but actually . . . we want 500 people. But our initial cut-off is low so as (first) to see just how interested people are in high-value, quality Bible study, and (second) to take it one step at a time. Understand, “Conversational Bible Study” does not mean all of us getting in a room and trying to talk at the same time. (If you have ever been on a phone call with hundreds of people, where they all try to talk, it is horrible!) That is NOT conversation. Our conversation is primarily about a conversation with the text of the NT, and this does not have to take place by people talking over the top of one another over a phone line or internet connection. This will primarily take place within your own mind and heart and through both (1) the exercises we will provide and develop and (2) the various means we will provide for interaction with others. This is the hidden power behind why we are providing three levels of possible interaction, where each successive level provides a greater possibility for you to interact with each other and with me.
  13. Can I hand out the material to other people? Generally not. (We’ll have to figure this out.) This is a development team. We have the goal of publishing the materials when they are completed. All materials are to be kept “in house.”
  14. Do I need to know some Greek to be part of the Inner Circle? No, not for levels 1 & 2. However, for level 3, you need to have at least some very basic knowledge of Greek. For anyone who is interested, we do offer an 8 week introduction to Greek as a Spiritual Discipline, and also a 10 month full class on College Level NT Greek class, both as a part of level 3. You are not “required” to take either of these—-it is not about “requirement,” is about what you will need. Why? Well, in the level 3 class, we’ll be looking at the scriptures in the language in which they were written! We’ll be looking at Greek texts, talking about Greek grammar, and all that sort of absolutely phenomenal stuff. If you have no Greek at all, or are not studying some at the time, you’ll feel lost. This is not about “requirement. It is about personal growth.
  15. What will happen at the end of this series? We’ll publish this series, and we’ll start a new series—possibly on Philippians. (We will announce that later). The end or beginning of a series has nothing to do with your membership in the Inner Circle. Once you start, you will remain a member until you withdraw.
  16. If I come in later, can I purchase back issues of materials and recorded classes of the Inner Circle ? Yes, at 30% discount.
  17. Do you offer college credit. No. And we don’t plan to.
  18. How does the CWP Inner Circle compare to college/university work? We are not a college or university, we are not “accredited,” and we are not interested in procuring “accreditation” or “approval” from anyone. We don’t need the administrative hassle of it, and we have no interest in pretending we are something that we are not. We are a “Classroom.” We are not in competition with such institutions. Our goal or promise is not to make “scholars” out of anyone or to help you get a degree or gain professional advancement; it is rather that we teach and encourage everyone to engage in responsible, contextual, and conversational Bible study. We certainly do encourage responsible engagement of scholarly material. The biggest difference between our approach and college is not the quality of instruction, but what you are “required” to do. We don’t give grades or tests, and you cannot fail our course of study. We also won’t bankrupt you.
  19. Why do you compare what you offer to college level work? To give you a benchmark of fair comparison as to quality of instruction. Our courses are prepared and taught on a similar level as college courses. For example, if you were to take NT Greek with us, you will use the same textbooks, receive the same instruction, and achieve the same goal as many expensive universities or seminaries. (If you take Greek with us, you do have to take some tests as a way of helping you gauge where you are. But you still can’t fail.) However, you do not get “grades” in our courses, nor do you earn “degrees.” What you get is quality instruction and personal growth. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that your participation in the development of the approach can potentially help people all around the nation, and even around the world. How much you give to the process is entirely up to you. And you spend a fraction of the amount.
  20. Is the Inner Circle available offline? No. Eventually, printed materials (such as books and DVD’s) will be one result. But the Inner Circle itself is entirely an online experience. You will be able to print certain documents if you want to.
  21. Do you have people who will vouch for your teaching and for this approach? Sure we do–our students! Take a look for yourself at what our study partners say in actual discussions.
  22. What is to stop this whole thing from becoming an “argumentative nightmare”? Me. Differences of opinions are fine. Childish attacks or tantrums will get sent to the time-out room. Fast.

More About Our Teachers

We have a growing group of teachers. Occasionally we have guest teachers. Also, it is common for us to give opportunities within our group for group members to offer classes, papers, or materials. It is a very involved group.