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IC2 stands for “Inner Circle 2” and is an ongoing Bible Study group.  It includes LIVE interaction in classes and email discussion groups, public or private consultation with teachers and others in the group, and both recorded and written materials.  When you have questions or input, you have ready access.

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More Information

  • Live Classes:  You have a live, interactive, ongoing English Bible classes every week (with some holidays).
  • Video Recordings:  You also get a video recording of that live class (so you never miss a class).  And you get to keep access to the recordings.
  • Face to Face: You will meet with us via video conferencing, so you always get to see who is teaching the class.
  • Teachers:  You get direct conversational access to highly qualified teachers.
  • Access: You get 24/7 access to a very lively discussion group filled with people like yourself. (Email based, a LOT happens here!)
  • You Choose:  You choose your own level of participation.  (Sit back and watch, or jump into the discussions.  Up to you.)
  • Friends:  You meet others like yourself from around the country, and around the world.   The group has people from all backgrounds
    • Retired, working, busy;
    • Older and younger, women and men,
    • Some with no formal education;  some are MD’s or PhD’s, and in between.
    • Numerous church backgrounds
  • No Risk:  You get a complete no risk, 30 day full trial for $1.  From that point, you are asked to help support your group at $57/month. (Can cancel at any time.)


In the last 2.5 years, we have studied 1Thessalonians, 123John, Galatians, 1Corinthians, and Ruth, and we have engaged in numerous topical studies.

More Detail:  How It Works

The following 29 minute video gives you a complete overview, with (1) a demonstration  and (2) detailed info.

The video is a bit out of date:  it says we are studying 1Thessalonians, but we are well past that now, having studied 1Thessalonians, 123John, Galatians, 1Corinthians, and Ruth, and we have had numerous topical studies.   All of these are recorded  We are continuing through the NT.  Start/pause the video by clicking the screen.

(The “gift” mentioned in the video is no longer available.)

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(The video says 10 or 14 days.  That has been changed to a 30 day trial!)

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Looking for the Greek Program?

If you are looking for Any of our Greek classes for Bible students who want more, click the link now.  That’s a 12 minute video, focused specifically on the Greek project.

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