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IC3 stands for “Inner Circle 3” and is an ongoing NT Greek study group.  Signing up here means you get all of our Greek and English classes.  Sign up once, you get everything we do.  LIVE interaction, email discussion groups, public or private consultation with teachers and others in the group, and both recorded and written materials.

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You register once, you get everything—–simple!  Naturally, you choose what you want to do.  Learn Greek from scratch . . . or take your Greek to the next level.  Once you’re in, you’re “in”!

  1. Basic“Greek as a Spiritual Discipline” (This is included)
    1. 4 weeks, a separate class.
    2. CWPGreekProgramx50Once you are in IC3 for 61 days beyond the trial, you can take and retake this class (and all classes) for free.
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  2. 1st Year“NT Greek for Everyday People.”  (This is included)
    1. 10 Month Greek Class (with Patrick Spicer)
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  3. Advanced: The GNT3:  “Greek NT Translation Team,” an ongoing translation team.  (This is included)
    1. The GNT3 is a unique project, a growing team of Bible students translating its way through the NT, as a means of Bible study.
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  4. Bonus:  You also get access to the entire English program (called IC2)—–you get all classes.

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Your Trial Period is no longer 14 Days
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Are you an IC2 Member wanting to upgrade to IC3?
Please click the Start button and complete the Registration form.

Statements made about . . .

The CWP Greek Program
Basic, Beginning, Advanced: Whatever You Need

The following statements were not written as "promos" for the program,
but were made in conversation between study partners
during live email-based conversation.

MikeWilkinson I would recommend the group to any serious student of scripture. The program has been enormously helpful to me in my own understanding of scripture and in providing better tools for study and growth. It is also helpful in ministry tasks.

I am currently teaching the Letters of John to a large Sunday school class. Not only has CWP empowered me to be a better teacher – and allowed me to encourage others in better models of the study of scripture that I have learned – this experience has also helped me to personally cement what I have already learned. Specifically, I get to repeat the translation of each text each week, watch the videos online again, and add that to other study before teaching the class. What could be a better way to get into the text seriously?

--Mike Wilkinson
(elder, traveler, archaeologist, teacher, missionary, and beloved physician = [MD])

RuthOliverx50Coffee with Paul is an extraordinary experience for me. I felt that I was an important part of the class from the very beginning. Yes, I get frustrated at times, but it only lasts for a while, someone is always there to offer an encouraging word. As one of our teachers said to me a few days ago, “Ruth there will always be someone in front of you and someone behind you.” I treasure that!

CWP is so very much like a family. My family recognizes my strengths and weaknesses, so does this class. I am not hesitant to ask questions or try to do something that will stretch the limits of my knowledge, because I know that the support will be standing in the sidelines. I am seventy-seven years old.

In my life I have been a farmers wife, preachers wife, retired Library Specialist and now I have the privilege of studying Greek with some of the finest teachers I know. I wish I had had something like this years ago. I would be happy to send this to the church leaders that I know.

Yes, Gary, I think we are on the same page, working to build something unique and beneficial. I want to do what I can to help.

--Ruth Oliver
(The actual and original charter member of CWP Classroom!)

Open Letter from Lee Patmore

Lee3To all who might be interested in NT Greek Studies,

I first took Greek (two semesters) from 1984 -1986. In that setting we were able to do some reading in the NT when we were finished. I remember doing some translation work in 1John at that time. But over the years most of what I learned faded away and I retained little more than the alphabet and the ability to read without comprehension. (In fact there were times in those years when I wouldn’t have even been able to recite the alphabet without stumbling through it.) I had no one to read with or any system of study that pushed me into the Greek text regularly. I would do the odd word study and felt I knew some of the fallacies that over zealous Greek students often fall into.

Over the years I made several attempts to recapture what I had learned but nothing really took hold. Then in 2006/7 I had an opportunity to retake first year Greek and to expand on that with second year Greek through a long distance course I took via the phone. I really enjoyed getting my feet wet again and I completed both the first year and the second year studies and did well at it. In the end of that session we translated 1Thessalonians together. That experience was very beneficial to me and due to the fact that I became employed as a minister during the middle of this ‘round two of Greek’ I felt that finally I might be able to make some real progress in my studies with Greek. But over time this too slipped. I used Greek in my studies fairly consistently but wasn’t growing in it. In fact I wasn’t even holding ground.

Through the long time span between 1986 and 2006 I had nothing urging me into the Greek text to keep me challenged and growing except my own self-discipline. That simply wasn’t enough for me. Between 2007 and 2012 I had the same experience. I had a little more self-discipline but in the end had no resources to keep pushing me forward.

What the Greek New Testament Translation Team (GNT3) is offering is the very thing that I need to continue to grow. In the past couple of years I feel like I’m finally getting my feet under me and not only retaining some skills but advancing in them. This is a priceless opportunity for me; one I am unaware of being offered anywhere else.

If you want more than a fleeting acquaintance with the language, if you want to be able to do more than look Greek words up in a lexicon, you will need something like this to keep you motivated, encouraged, and on track for richer rewards in your studies.

I am very excited about the opportunities on the horizon for me through this class. To have other students to walk alongside and someone with Gary’s experience to guide and counsel us on the way is a wonderful opportunity.

And we’re not just doing a bunch of dry, repetitious, grammar work. We’re translating the texts! And that excites me!

--Lee Patmore
(minster and teacher)