This page is devoted to a tutorial overview of Logos Bible Software.

Lee Patmore is a minister and a team member in the CWP GNT3 program.

Logos Lesson1-----(62 minutes)

A Basic Overview Of the Logos Main Page
Resizing Windows
Changing the View: Visual Filters, Parallel Resource Sets, Display, Interlinear
Using The Library: Locating Resources
Guides Tab: Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, Bible Word Study, Sermon Starter, Topic Guide

Logos Lesson 2-----(63 minutes)

Tools Tab: Library(Collections, Highlighting)
Bible Reference (Bible Facts, Bible Sense Lexicon, Timeline)
Passage (Copy Bible Verses, Text Comparison)
Searching (Bible, Basic, Image, Clause, Morphological, Syntax)
Right Click Searching Within a Document


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