An introduction to a “conversational reading” of Paul.

Addresses the question of an “authentic Paul” against the backdrop of detractors.


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“I, Paulos.” Shades of Conversation in 1Thessalonians
—An Odyssey of Authors and Texts, and of Reading Paul Conversationally.
The Dialogē Press: 1st Edition January, 2017 (corrected October 23, 2017) .

Author: Gary D. Collier


ISBN:  978-0-9983230-0-8
Cloth Cover with Jacket (hardback)
6×9; 740 pages

This 740 page cloth-bound book is the inaugural volume of The Dialogē Press (Greek dia-lo-gey, “dialogue”).

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Description from the Back of the Book

The mid-1960’s erupted in a virtual volcano of dissent  against historical interests when reading ancient  authors and texts. Authors were declared “dead,”  “texts” were redefined, and revolutionary  literary theories swept the academic  landscape. Concurrently, studies  on Paul exploded into new  perspectives, counter perspectives,  wildly different “lives of Paul,”  and a general disillusionment that  anything at all about the “real Paul” could be known.

In the face of such  explosive views, I, Paulos  poses a daring two-fold thesis:  First, an authentic Paul can be known from at least  the letter of 1Thessalonians, just as much as anyone can be  known from a personal encounter. For what is “authentic” about authors  inhabits particular kinds of texts like this one. Second, Paul can be seen in this  letter as carrying on conversations on multiple levels and in a variety of shades, not  only with his immediate audience, but with God through earlier authors and texts.

I, Paulos is a new kind of commentary—  a contextual and conversational analysis of 1Thessalonians.

Description from the Inside Front Dust-Cover Flap

In Search of an Authentic Paul and a Conversational Reading of His Writings

I, Paulos offers a sensible proposal for the rancorous “real Paul” debate: namely, that it is more sensible to speak of an authentic Paul as found through a variety of shades of intertextual conversation.
Traversing rough seas normally of interest only in academics,I, Paulos offers an intriguingly readable voyage—an odyssey through wars about authors and texts, through scholars and roiling theories—to a new horizon for reading Paul with breathtaking intimacy.

I, Paulos is written for readers from all walks of life who have an above-average interest in Paul beyond superficial levels—whether students or teachers, preachers or other church leaders, and including highly motivated laypeople of all professions: doctors, bankers, politicians, office or factory workers, farmers, homemakers, and all. If you want more than surface-level parodies of Paul, this book was written for you.

Not a glib or breezy read, and not shy at all to face the wind, I, Paulos looks for an authentic Paul through a sensible, contextual, and conversational analysis of a single document:  1Thessalonians.

Table of Contents of I, Paulos

Gratitude 10
Introduction 13

Chapter 1: Implied & Dead Authors 29
Chapter 2: Bound & Gagged Authors 71
Chapter 3: Just Plain Authors 101
Chapter 4: The Face of Authors 123
Chapter 5: Texts 157
Chapters 1-5: Digest & Reprise 173

Chapter 6: Paul & the Canon of Scholars 185
Chapter 7: Paul & B W Robinson 217
Chapter 8: Paul & Opposition 245
Chapter 9: Paul & Conversation 267
Chapters 6-9: Digest & Reading Paul 319

Chapter 10: Forms 331
Chapter 11: Shades 349
Chapter 12: 1Thessalonians 373
Chapter 13: Exposition 407
Chapter 14: Notes & Comments 507

PART IV: “I, PAUL” 575
Chapter 15: “I, Paul” 577

Glossary 609
Greek & Hebrew Transliteration 613
Abbreviations 614
Bibliography by Category 624
Bibliography (Alphabetical) 679
Subject Index 730
Author Page


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