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Program Structure

Program Structure  

A Focused Study Group

For preachers, Bible teachers, elders, deacons, and other ministry leaders
and for highly motivated lay Bible readers

Highly qualified & experienced

Participate from Home:
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LIVE sessions are recorded for 24/7 access/review.
24/7 email-based Bible discussion groups.

Energetic and engaged Biblical Text Studies and discussions.

Free Studies

Free Biblical Text Studies


40 Things
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40 videos,
15 minutes each.
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The Whole Story
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Current LIVE Study

Current LIVE Study–Going on Now!


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LIVE Studies

LIVE Biblical Text Studies


You can enroll in any one (choose only one) of the following study projects of the Institute:

1. “English Text Bible Study”–(Click Here)

ic2-cwpclassroom-black-low-x40 English Bible only. High-quality Bible study for all adult ages.
This “live” group is warm and accepting, and it will challenge you to think!

  • Live Online Classes
  • Real discussion every day, 24/7 access
  • Women & Men of all ages.
  • Working, Retired, Busy.
  • Members are from all Locations and all Backgrounds
  • This group is called the Coffee With Paul group, or Inner Circle 2 (IC2).

First Month Trial Membership for $1

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2. “Greek Text” AND “English Text” Bible Study–(Click Here)

ic3-gnt3-black-x40Greek NT (and OT) and improve your Greek ability. If you don’t know Greek, we teach you. If you have studied Greek, we put you on a team of Greek translators. A very special group.

  • If you select this group, you also have full access to the English Text group above.
  • Hands-on Greek NT Translation Study Project
  • You must have had some Greek already OR be willing to learn it
  • 1st Year Greek is included with this option, and you can review as often as you like.
  • A unique study opportunity with a motivated team of translators
  • This group is called the GNT3 group, or Inner Circle 3 (IC3).

First Month Trial Membership for $1

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3. NT Greek Only:  1st Year Greek for Schools, Churches, and Individuals–(Click Here)


Summit Theological Seminary (STS) is in Peru, Indiana. STS allows students to take Greek from us. This should not be construed as approval of or association with our larger program.

If all you want is high quality 1st Year Greek training, we provide that for schools, churches, or individuals. Equivalent to 6 hours of University Greek.

  • You do NOT need to have any prior Greek training.
  • School/church administrators Click Here Now


Recorded Studies

“Recorded Live” Classes Now Available


The following class list is growing every year. All are recorded LIVE and are available to members as described below.

English and Greek Text Studies

150–“Happiness” in the Biblical Text
190–General Topics
302–Hard Truths
303–Music & Women in Biblical Texts
304–Scripture, Canon, Inspiration
305-OT in NT–EN
305-OT in NT–GK
306–“Community” in the NT
308–Requested Texts 2014-EN
308–Requested Texts 2014-GK
720–What Biblical Texts Say about “The Self”

Greek and Hebrew Languages

We have one of the finest online course of studies in NT Greek for “busy people” anywhere.  In addition to first year Greek, we have developed a translation team that is translating its way through the NT. See the GNT3 Area further down this page.  In addition to the Greek language courses listed below, note the Greek classes of biblical books listed above (e.g, 1Corinthians-GK).  That means our Greek translation team has translated that text and worked through it line by line!)

601–Greek as a Spiritual Discipline–2011
601–Greek as a Spiritual Discipline–2012
601–Greek as a Spiritual Discipline–2015
605–1st Year Greek Review
610–1stYr Greek-Spicer–2015
615–Ongoing Advanced Greek Grammar
620–Word Studies


What Others are Saying

What Our Bible Study Partners Are Saying!

Featured sample video


. . . from one of our board members and teachers: 

Dr. Mike Wilkinson

brings a casual presentation during our Saturday Inner Circle 2 gathering (July 23, 2016).
He had just returned from a trip to Zimbabwe in early July 2016

(a 60 minute video)




What Others Are Saying . . .

Here is what a few of our Bible Study partners have spontaneously said to each other on our discussion groups.  We did not solicit these statements as statements!  __

This first group of comments came in September 2012.

Twila2This Inner Circle is a safe place to think outside the box and offer up ideas on scripture that other “God-taught” people will consider and challenge with scripture. When I try to read scripture with ‘fresh’ eyes, not reading into it what I’ve always been taught or have always thought, I sometimes get fresh ideas – some more contextual than others. Thinking through that idea on my own can get me off track. That is why the conversational part of this responsible, contextual bible study is so vital. We need each other as we pursue a holy life. Thank you one and all for being that safe place!



LeeI’ve been catching up today. My problem is that your material draws me in and I find I could easily spend 4 hours chewing on what you offer for each day. Level 1 and 2 are just teasers for 3 and I hate it when I can’t immerse myself in the third level. I can do it quicker but go away feeling like I only ate half of what was on my plate. I don’t say this to critique your material but to compliment it. I find it incredibly valuable. What you put before us is of such high caliber, and is so compelling, and speaks so directly to my life that I have a hard time putting it down and getting on with my day. . . . I don’t know what you can do to make things better, but I do know this—-DON’T DUMB IT DOWN!



RickKelly_reading2Like Lacey, I was surprised at the length of the scroll. I dressed up in my biblical outfit (have used it many times for VBS) and read it to my secretary and friend and her two daughters, they were amused at first, found it interesting by the end. Thanks for the suggestion to do this, I would never have even considered reading the whole letter at one time. It was powerful, getting the overall message that Paul wanted to give.



Jim Welch1Gary, I will say again thank you for the spiritual growth that you and the Spirit have helped me achieve. You have changed the way I think about scripture and the way I share scripture with others. In my work as a hospice chaplain I have used your insights on a number of occasions to help those who are hurting to know the peace that comes from seeing anew our Lord in verses they have heard all their lives. And this simply by getting them to see the context and the purpose of that writer for that writing. It is truly a freeing experience. Yet, it is so challenging as I work to overcome decades of how to approach the Word.

--Jim W.



The following statements were made in September 2017, without request, in an email discussion on the dates listed:

From: Lee Patmore On Behalf Of CWP2
Sent: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 3:52 PM
To: ‘CWP2’
Subject: Re: [Ic2] Upcoming this week


I am quite looking forward to resuming live class on Saturday. Over the years I have learned to trust the direction that you seek to chart and so I want to take this opportunity to give you my vote of confidence. I am eager to see what you are anticipating on the horizon with CWP as well as simply to hear you reaffirm and restate some of our core values.

Over the past several months I have perceived a deeper window into your own personal journey of faith via the class sessions. I don’t mean that I’ve ever perceived you as just an ivory tower guy but as of late I’m hearing more of that come out in our sessions – personal application stuff. I’m sorry that I can’t name a few examples to illustrate what I mean but I just know there are moments when I’ve seen you draw back the curtain into your own world in ways that I would say are not typical for you. I applaud you for that. To me it is a profound privilege to witness where people put this stuff on the ground in their lives. And for the more ‘intellectual’ variety of us (where I would place you as well) it is encouraging and invigorating to see where the prayerful and careful exegesis hits the ground on a very personal level.

Over the years you have repeatedly been used in my own walk to speak the appropriate ‘word of the Lord’ to me. As well you have a gift of believing in people’s potential in Christ and relentlessly calling them to embrace it – a very Pauline thing. You do it in my life and I see you doing it in the lives of others. Thank you.

Lee Patmore, Alberta Canada


From: Portia Regan On Behalf Of CWP2
Sent: Thursday, September 7, 2017 1:17 AM
To: CWP2
Subject: Re: [Ic2] Upcoming this week

CWP (IABC) consists of people with different levels of biblical knowledge and experience–with some in the group seeming to be at more of a graduate level and others of us–me–just  wanting to gain more knowledge and a deeper, truer understanding of the scriptures.

I have learned so much from being in CWP–not only from Gary, but also many others who regularly contribute their knowledge and insights.  I value this group immensely. As to how to overcome the above, the jury is still out on that, but I will continue to think about it for a possible solution.  Hopefully, my upcoming retirement early next year will help me get more involved regularly.

I do appreciate everyone in CWP and thank you for your participation in our partnerships together.

Portia, Greenwood, IN


From: Jim Welch On Behalf Of CWP2
Sent: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 9:13 PM
To: CWP2
Subject: Re: [Ic2] Upcoming this week

I have been participating in CWP (IABC) since August 2012. Edward Fudge posted about it and I decided to check it out. When I first came on board I was really involved. The first class that I was a part of was 1st Thessalonians and I still refer back to that class even to this day. Gary’s conversations with Paul opened up a whole new way of viewing scripture and it changed how I study the Bible. My involvement in the online class since then has been unsteady. Not because of lack of interest but because Saturday just does not work for me. I continue to read virtually every post and to follow the discussions with great interest and even on occasion inject my thoughts into the flow. I am not as consistent in viewing the live classes. I will continue to be a part of CWP because I see its value in my own study. I know that the resources are available for me to use at any time. That is a great and invaluable asset.

Jim Welch, Tyler Texas


From: Twila Higginbottom On Behalf Of CWP2
Sent: Thursday, September 7, 2017 8:00 PM
To: CWP2
Subject: Re: [Ic2] Upcoming this week

I am in agreement with Lee, Portia and Jim as to the invaluableness of CWP (IABC).  I also give my “Amen” to Lee’s vote of confidence in Gary.  It is obvious to me that Gary uses his gifting to encourage and exhort us all into greater maturity—not an easy role in the Kingdom, but one that is very much needed!

My own participation in class and online conversations has decreased over the last 1 – 2 years.  This is due to many things—none of which are because of a negative experience or view of CWP.  My parents moved in with us  4 years ago and they have more and more health issues.  I also have 2 teenage boys who are active in sports and orchestra.  In the last year, my role in my church has taken on more time and responsibility with people in my home 2-3 times a week.

With all of that, I still read and am encouraged by all the online conversations.  I usually read them on my phone when waiting to pick up someone, and recently I had a well-meaning parent tap on my window to remind me that there was no cell phone use in the parking lot of a school (even though I was parked and not moving).  I discreetly lowered my phone from the window view and continued to read . . . until the line started to move.

I plan to attend more of the classes on Saturday, but that is an every other month availability.  When my husband is on the boat (he is a river boat captain) I have more availability on Saturdays.  But on the months that he is home, I am usually out with the family on Saturday.

I would like to add to this conversation what a blessing the live events are!  If conversing online via email is a challenge for anyone (as it is for me) then it becomes much more worth overcoming any obstacles when you meet the people with whom you are conversing.  Putting a live person with the online text is extremely helpful for me. So my question is . . .

What is on the horizon for the next live event?

Twila Higginbottom, Arkansas

More About Us

More About Us

A message from Gary D. Collier, director of IABC

IABC is a not-for-profit (501c3) international teaching organization, specializing in LIVE online classes every week.  See our Expression of Faith.

We have a passion for promoting responsible, contextual, and conversational Bible study.

  • We are not a church or a typical school
  • We do not offer grades or degrees
  • We are not in competition with any school, church, or other organization

In fact, we offer material and teaching that supports other Christian endeavors.

  • We are an independent group, not associated with any particular Christian denomination.
  • We have study partners from numerous Christian backgrounds and we attempt to be supportive of private and group study for schools and churches.

For more on our teachers, Click Here. And for our expression of faith, Click Here.

We pay close attention to scholarly literature and publications, but with an overriding sense of looking for the “so what” of the things we study.  We are not an ivory tower group, but are constantly looking for practical applications of our times together.

For more on “what we do,” see the “Library.”


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