The Real Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness:
Discovering and Practicing the Habits that Bring Happiness!

This “Live” online class will meet Monday nights (starting after Labor Day) at 9PM Eastern Time (adjust for your own time zone).  Each meeting will be around 45 minutes to an hour.

Oscar Miles
Oscar Miles

About the Teacher: Oscar Miles

Oscar Miles grew up in a challenging environment.

My father was good for nothing.  My mother did her best to raise 4 children by herself.  We lived in poverty, but my mother strongly emphasized Bible study.  It took me 40 years to translate knowledge into relationship. 

After growing up:

I preached for one of the most legalistic branches of the Church of Christ; I was often asked to lecture on some of the most difficult Bible passages; and I wrote for their journals and was considered a scholar.

But within the last decade, I realized that I was using the wrong approach to Bible study.  My devotion to Bible knowledge in earlier years resulted in memorizing several “books” of the Bible.  It was partially through this memorization that I came to my current approach of seeing each “book” as a stand-alone document.  I also strongly emphasize the ancient Near Eastern context of Scripture.

Oscar has 27 years of experience in preaching and counseling.  He is a Master’s level National Certified Counselor and Distance Credentialed Counselor.  Oscar uses his counseling expertise with his Bible knowledge to help people in many areas including sexual addiction, marriage and parenting, grief, trauma, and general mental health.  One of Oscar’s greatest assets and weaknesses is his penchant for perfectionism.

Melanie has been his companion in marriage for 22 years.  Oscar literally would not have survived without her.  Together, they have 3 exceptional children who have never once caused any serious difficulties for their parents: Joshua (18), Benjamin (17), and Chloe (14).

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