This page has valuable video introductions to several resources for Bible study.  These videos are all free and all but one were made by CWP for our CWP Bible study partners.

Gospel of Matthew: Live Interview with Dr. Larry Chouinard

Larry Chouinard on Matthew gave this candid and highly interactive interview on July 15, 2017 on the Gospel of Matthew. In it he gets passionate about relating the Gospel to the 21st century church and spells out specific ways that the 5 major teaching blocks of Jesus in this Gospel can bring renewal and needed depth today. Get ready to take some notes! Click Here Now for The Live Interview--Dr. Larry Chouinard on Matthew. Click Here Now to Order from Amazon.

BibleWorks Review (4+ hours of video)

BibleWorks 9BibleWorksLesson1-thumb is an extremely powerful original languages Bible software program for Biblical exegesis and research. It comes with Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint Bibles for your computer, as well as translations in English, German, Spanish, and more.  This program is highly adjustable.  It is not very user-friendly for newbies, but excellent video training gets you past that hump. Click Here Now for Video Tutorial Overview of BibleWorks by Patrick Spicer. Click Here Now to  Order from the Company.

Logos Review (2 hours of video)

Lee-LogosReview1Logos Bible Software 5 is primarily an electronic library tool with Greek and Hebrew text features.  It is very powerful. It can be quite expensive.  Training is available at $250 per 2 days.  (Logos Camp1 and 2). Click Here Now for Video Tutorial Overview of Logos. Click Here Now to Order from the Company.

Lumina Review (52 Minutes of video)

LuminaLunina Bible Software is a basic, online Bible search tool with Greek and Hebrew text features. It is impressive as a basic tool. It is free. This video will show you how to use it. Click Here Now for Video Tutorial Overview of Lumina.

Type Greek (5 minute video plus Q&A)

TypeGreek-Jn1_14 Click Here Now for How to Type Greek on Your Computer. This page will show you basic information for how to type Greek on your computer, including all the accents, breathing marks, etc. A 5 minute video is included. The video was not made by or for CWP Classroom, but is publicly available on You Tube from Dallas Theological Seminary.

How Does the GNT3 Operate? (33 minute video)

GNT3-EClick Here Now for How the GNT3 (The Greek New Testament Translation Team) works!. This is a 33 minute video recorded live (and edited down from 70 minutes) to show exactly how the GNT3 works.

Using Adobe Connect with CWP (1 minute video)

To attend LIVE classes in CWP, you will be using Adobe Connect. This is a 1 minute video to show the basics. The first time you log in to Adobe Connect, you might be asked to accept a download. Click YES to that--it is from Adobe and makes your Adobe Connect work on your computer. It is automatic and simple. Please watch the video for other information!